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Puukohola Jersey 2.0

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The Pu‘ukohola 2.0 collection celebrates the epic architectural achievement of the heiau. The 91 on the basketball jersey commemorates the completion of the heiau in 1791. The vertical red stripes of the basketballjersey and basketballshorts tell the story of the ‘aha‘ula: Pai‘eaʻs council of alii and the red chord that guided Kamehameha to make his next move his best move after the completion of Pu‘ukoholā., and the right leg features the signature Fitted Kam and the Pai‘ea Projects silhouette. The Black Neoprene New Era 5-Panel Camper features the Fitted Kamehameha logo, and the Stones That Build Tee designed by Fitted Founder Keola Rapozo features a portrait of Kamehameha.